Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas doings

I've been making soap, very grateful for all the help, recipes and advice from Lisa here and Suse here.
Some of it has no scent; some of it is rose scented (faintly); and the rest of it is frankincense scented - very festively appropriate!
All my Christmas prezzies this year – as far as I am inspired and able – will be handmade.
The chaps will get a manly hunk of soap each and a bottle of my secret recipe steak rub (ie - I haven't looked one up on the net yet).
The sheilas will each get a more dainty yet still fairly robust hunk of rosy soap and a diary that I have covered and painted. One or two will get a hunk of soap and a bag - which I have yet to do.
Next weekend, my grandson is coming over for the day and the two of us are going to put up the Christmas tree and set to work on a pile of boxes I've been saving for months, to make a box city to go across the living room mantelpiece. With lights in them and everything. So excitement!