Friday, 7 March 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

I crocheted this cushion for my best friend Dace's birthday in December. 

Then, during the summer, while we were at Eagle Bay, I imagined crocheting another one in sea colours. The sea down there is so beautiful, and sometimes the range of blues, greens and blue-greens in the water is unbelievable.
Pillowslips and cushion covers are the best projects for me right now. Small projects that are easy to finish! I've sorted out all my fabrics scraps and might make a couple of cushion covery quilty things this weekend.

:: In other news, Lily will be back next weekend, for two weeks, to help us celebrate a couple of big birthdays. And this time, when she goes back to Japan, I'm going with her.! Yee ha! Just for five or six days - perfect. DZ will be working in Hong Kong from mid-March and when he's finished, he'll hop up to Osaka to join us - I can't believe it! the bonus is that it'll be cherry-blossom time.

Monday, 24 February 2014

For Dad

Been a bit of a gap, but I felt like writing about this quilt I've just made. 
It's called an economy block quilt - no idea why. 
I'm slightly embarrassed to say I made this single-bed quilt entirely out of fabric I already owned. I had to buy a little, just for the back.
I wanted something cheerful for Dad, who's a bit poorly and confined to a single bed in a separate room from Mum, so he doesn't disturb her. I thought the mix of blues and greens would be safe, and I tried really hard not to get too flowery. There are a lot of dots and stripes.
Um, blogger has changed things about quite a bit since I've been away. Hope I can remember how to do all this!