Sunday, 25 February 2007

White stuff

I'm getting in a snowy frame of mind for my trip to Chicago - I can't wait!

The pic above is of Crater Lake, in beautiful Oregon. Simon was there about three weeks ago with
Mack and Marnie, after they'd visited Lily at her college in Washington.

Mack (left) just loved the snow - he especially liked
stomping through it in his welly-boots and then stopping to admire his tracks.
:: Meanwhile, just up the road, it's Oscar party time! I met a woman yesterday whose daughter was in LA from New York to organise an Oscar party - she works for a big national hotel chain and she's doing Forrest Whittaker's - huger than huge.
This notice was in today's LA Times and I thought you'd find the information useful. It's reassuring to know they close the streets in LA for the Oscars just like they do in Perth for the Skyworks:

:: It was a beaut day today with sunshine and a cool breeze - perfect for lolling about the house, reading the papers and generally doing nothing much.

Reading the papers, a bit of knitting (second attempt at a sock, above), a few cups of tea. A nap (for Dave). A lovely chatty phone call from Dace and Konrad. Then dinner at a merrily crowded Bondi with Dave and Will, with Aussie music emanating from the new sound system. Wonderful!
Incidentally, if you take that link (in the line above) to the Bondi website, then go to 'Eat and Drink', then to 'Look', you'll see Will's food photographs - his first professional job!

:: I saw the word 'angsted' in the LA Times today:
'In a memo ... Schultz
angsted about "the commoditization of the Starbucks experience" ....'
What a ghastly thing! Why couldn't he simply have worried about it, or fretted over it?

:: There's a to-do here about some children's writer who has won a national prize for a kids' book with - hold on to your bibles - the word 'scrotum' in its opening pages. Something innocuous, like 'The rattlesnake bit the dog on its scrotum'. Well, lordy lordy, has that got the Moral Majority by the short and curlies!

:: Speaking of Dace and the Bible - this is the present my dear friend brought back for me from Las Vegas:

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