Thursday, 19 July 2007

Antony ...

... singing 'If It Be Your Will', from the Leonard Cohen documentary, I'm Your Man.

:: And, if you look carefully, you'll notice a guitarist bathed in an electric blue light. He is Chris Spedding, whom - ahem - I met at Brian Ferry's post-performance party in the Parmelia Hilton in ... must have been ... 1977.
Sounds glamorous, but it was terrible. The concert promoters had lined up a selection of Perth 'models', including the reigning Miss Jeans West (or was she Miss West Coast?), for the band's perusal. You can just imagine ...
I also remember watching JK struggling to get in to the party, red-faced and outraged at being refused admission, despite thrusting the delectable young GS before him. That was fun! 'Look! Look! I've brought my OWN Perth model!' I can almost hear him squealing.
There was even more fun when G was let in but J was entirely rejected ... though I may be imagining that as the ideal and just ending to that little story.

:: By the way, the new blog header was scanned from a real novel, Perfect Love, by Elizabeth Buchan. It's an all-women-are-saintly-while-nearly-all-men-are-pigs potboiler, though very well written and a fast and entertaining read.

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