Thursday, 21 February 2008

In the city
Hi all, here I am in Perth, beautiful, sparkling city on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Also the most isolated capital city in the world; more cut off than Anchorage; almost as close to our national capital as we are to Indonesia. They've been having a sweltering summer here, with a whole month of temperatures that never got below 30 C and were more often up in the high 30s and even the 40s.
But for this visit we've jagged a cool, breezy week, with temps in the high 20s. Brilliant.
All is well in Albany, with both patients on the mend. Thanks for all your kind, good wishes and comments and messages.
Dave arrived from the US three hours later than scheduled on Tuesday, and very happy to be here - as I was to see him. We've seen his mum - turning 80 today - and his dad, and we've been rushing about trying to see all our old friends and catch up.
I'm still not able to get to a Mac and get any pics posted, but what the hey! I've taken loads and will get them upo ASAP.
Tomorrow, after coffee and lunch with friends and former workmates, we're heading south to beautiful, beautiful Eagle Bay, where David's family have a house almost on the beach - the sea is at the bottom of the garden. We shall sleep in our old familiar bed, with the windows open to let in the breeze and the sound of the waves. And you ought to see the Milky Way from down there - wow!
More later ...

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