Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Happy landings Home to a cool, bright sunny day in San Diego, with a lovely feeling that spring may be on the way down here.
The pic above is the view from the Jumbo just before we landed at Melbourne on Saturday arvo. Nothing to do with today's post, but when I close my eyes, I can still see the inside of a jumbo from row 50 seat F in the centre section ... aaaagh!
We drove south from Los Angeles this morning, dazed and a bit stiff after the thirteen-and-a-half-hour flight from Melbourne and 19-hour time difference which meant we arrived before we'd taken off.
The hills of Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corps base, and the only section of the 100-mile drive that is not built up, were a mass of dense green, sprayed with masses of the lime-yellow flowers of wild mustard and clumps of bigger orange flowers amid the yellow that I failed to recognise at the speed we were driving.
Utterly gorgeous. Only a few weeks ago, these hills were brown and parched where the wildfires of last October had burned through, in some places right up to the edge of the freeway.

:: I was unpacking upstairs when Mum told me on the phone that Dad was back in hospital again, after a suspected stroke. Gulp. Now, a few hours later, the news is not so grim: a CT scan proves he has not had a stroke (praise be) but everyone is baffled as to the reason for the symptoms he's showing - dizziness, fainting, and a numb and floppy left leg (not the one with the new knee).
Anyway, let's be more cheerful. Here's a pic of Mum and Dad out for a stroll at Middleton Beach, Albany last Wednesday, my last day with them ...Despite the summer's day, dad is wearing the socks I knitted him in the middle of last year! They've been washed and washed, and have been darned at the toe, but he insists on wearing them.
:: And this is me having a last yummy cuddle with my gorgeous grandson, Mack, just minutes before we left for Perth airport and the plane to Melbourne on Saturday.:: I'm far too tired (trying to keep awake to go to bed at the right time to ward off jetlag) to do more than sign off and watch a taped episode of American Idol - YAY! It's back! So I'll see you later!


alice said...

The whole "we arrived before we'd taken off" thing is weird, isn't it? Glad you had a safe trip. Mack is gorgeous.

Laura Jane said...

Hey Les

Welcome home??? Kind of?? Your computer and son welcome you.

So glad you had a chance to see Mack more. I'll hear all about it soon.

Fingers crossed about your Dad. Great shot in the chair!

much love, rest up, veg out.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're home safely, but sorry about your Dad. I can't imagine what it must be like to have that distance between you. I could always just get into the car and go and find out what was going on. Do get a good rest. After a flight like that I know I would need it.