Sunday, 17 May 2009

Feels like home
All our stuff is here and we're loving it.
We have our huge bed home at last, and sleep is a joy. Every time I turn over, I'm even more comfortable than I was before.
Never knew we had so much bedlinen though — finding somewhere to stash all the spare sheets and pillows and doonas is the matter we'll be tackling today.
Luckily this house has ginormous built-in wardrobes with racks and drawers and shelves.
And, of course, my Big Mac and I are lovingly reunited, and he's sitting here with a view out to the lovely Perth autumn and the ever-changing leaves of all the big trees we can see from our window.
I have a week's work back at the Post this week too. Pretty darned good all round.


Fairlie said...

I'm glad everything has arrived safely - but I don't envy you the job of unpacking it all!

Anonymous said...

Must feel like home now.

Natalie said...

Welcome home.