Saturday, 6 June 2009

Does anyone know ...
... what to do when your phalaenopsis goes from this:
to this?
It was a birthday-cum-housewarming present from my best friend Dace, and has stood beautifully on the kitchen bench in glorious bloom for over 10 weeks. 
But no more. 
Dace and I reckon the easiest thing would be to buy a 'silk' one and tie it on the stem, having stripped all the sad old flowers off. You'd never know. But I know you can do things to coax more lovely moth orchids out of it eventually.
:: Sorry about the lack of recent posts and especially the lack of words. I'm putting together a new blog and it is (a) driving me crazy and (b) taking lots of time. 
I'll let you know all about it very soon. (I can tell you're desperate to know ...)
:: Lily and Nick have gone up north with Nick's mother and younger bnrother. they flw up to Kununurra, where they were met by Hamish, their guide, and whisked off into the outback as soon as they'd got off the plane. They're taking a week to drive to Broome, including a trek along the Gibb River Road. 
From Broome they go south to Exmouth for a spot of diving on the reef with the whale sharks, and I think there's a helicopter ride in there somewhere. Sounds just wonderful!
:: We have Mack to stay this weekend, while Simon and Marnie are in Melbourne. 
We've had an afternoon of Lego and dinosaurs. Yay! I made a batch of the most amazing-looking apple muffins only to be told that he doesn't like apple in muffins, and could we please make choc chip ones next time? Silly Nanna Les!


victoria said...

Okay, that lego there - the bit with the yellow windows - that is killing me, in a good way, because I don't think it's available in that design anymore (sort of like Duplo-size Fabuland lego). At least I havn't seen it in any shops - it's so cool.

Jennifer said...

My friend Gina [] is an orchid champion; I'd advise you to stop by and ask her to come over and take a look. Delighted to see you enjoying family, doing what the move was all about!

Gina said...

jennifer sent me as she said you were having orchid troubles.

I did a basic tutorial on my blog

Hopefully this will help. if not feel free to ask any questions and I'll help all I can.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

M said...

New blog huh? Looking forward to seeing it!

Sorry, can't help with sick orchids.