Monday, 19 October 2009

To market to market
I helped sell flowers at Subiaco's first farmers' market on Saturday morning, thanks to Shelley, who is one half of Australia's BEST flower business (Wayne Stubbs Flowers).
Farmers' markets are all the rage over here at present. There's been a really good one operating out of the the Graylands Primary School grounds on Saturday mornings, and last Saturday, Subiaco Primary held its first one.
All three of my kids went to this school, and the schools get funds from the market stall-holders, so it's all a good thing.
It also adds a bit of colour and energy to Subi on a Saturday morning — things have become very glossy and contented in that part of town recently, and the shopping's all a bit samey now that a lot of the smaller normal shops have given way to chain boutiques, coffee shops and jewellery stores.
So a casual, bustling market is just what the doctor ordered. And while this first one was a bit light on for fresh produce, with lots of artisan breads, olive oils, exotic cheeses and so on, this will soon right itself as the organisers attract more fruit and vegie sellers.

With Wayne and Shelley's amazing flowers and typical sense of flair and occasion, we turned our little patch of the school yard into a gorgeous and colourful explosion of flars.
It was very hot and dry, with big easterlies blowing in from the desert all morning, and the temperature quickly got to 37C and stuck (that's 98.6 F).
But there was an enthusiastic crowd, we had lots of laughs, and I saw so many familiar faces, which was brilliant.
I had so much fun with my best friends Deb and Shelley, and Iman and Isme — can't wait for next time!


Anonymous said...

Oh I would be in heaven. Look at all those gorgeous blooms!

M said...

Now that looks like a bit of fun.

Agree with you that Subi is going all 'samey'. Such a shame but the chain store conquers all eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,
Great post and pictures of the day,which was all the more successful and fun from your efforts on the day, loved it ,great fun looking forward to Saturday.
Shelley, Iman and Isme

Gina said...

What beautiful flowers. I envy you on a stall like that

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Laura Jane said...

Looks wonderful! Now I can't wait to have a Saturday off so I can come and see it!

And it will be great to see Subi Primary again too.

Fairlie said...

Fabulous! We've visited the Graylands' Farmers Market the last few times we've been in Perth.