Friday, 29 January 2010

At the beach
We managed almost two wonderful weeks away. At the start we had David's mum with us for a few days, then we headed back to Perth to take her home and pick up Mack, complete with cricket set, boogie board, snorkel and dinosaurs.
My best friends Damien and Dace came a bit later, with Dace's gorgeous son, Max. Damien's gorgeous daughter also had a night with us. And Lily and Nick arrived for a weekend, in between parties and games they'd arranged for their entire suburb.
Mack is six now, and what a treat it was to spend time with him — we haven't had this long together since he was three and had two weeks with us in San Diego while his mum and dad went to Amsterdam to visit friends.
As well as all the usual beachy stuff, there was fishing,
and board games.
We played boules, after Will had raked the court in front of the house, all ready for some serious competition!
And there was lots of hammock swinging with Uncle Will (a big favourite),
as well as map-making, snoozing and a chess lesson with grandad
plus Nintendo, reading
and golf.
There was even time for me to do some crochet. Ignoring all the sand.

:: Off soon to visit our grand-daughter. I had a cuddle yesterday and was able to make her burp and sneeze and fall asleep in my arms. Bonded for life already.
Her name is Harper.
I'll take some pics when she's home, as Mum and Dad's hospital room is in a comfortable state of twilight and I don't want to use the flash.


Jennifer said...

So much brightness and light -- in your outlook, in your experiences, in your focus, in your environment. Good things happen, truly they do, for people who are looking to make life good. Love to you, Les.

materialise said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your new grand daughter...! How exciting and lovely.