Sunday, 13 June 2010

Happy birthday, Laura!
She is my best friend, and I've known her since Will was two weeks old. He'll be 21 in January.
We've been really close friends for the past five or six years, and the day is always sunnier for the time we manage to spend together, which, sadly, is not so much, now Laura's amazing career as a midwife has taken off.
She's a mate, a sounding board and a confidante; and a tower of strength and good sense when I'm feeling pissweak and indecisive. She has an amazing mind — far more organised and analytical than I'd ever be capable of — and an easy sense of humour that makes being with her a seriously good time.
We've been window-shopping on Rokeby Road and walked the Strip in Las Vegas.
We've made stuffed cats together in Perth, we've been had breakfast on Sunset Boulevard. We've been shopping at Spotto, promenading at La Jolla,
and together — and wearing exactly the same outfits but with silly shoes!— we stepped right over the edge of the Grand Canyon.
We've made stuff together and for each other. My stash is her stash and hers is mine.
We've written to one another from across the world — I from Perth to Laura in Wisconsin, and some years later, by email and skype from my home in San Diego to Laura's home in Daglish and then all over the place as she and her husband, Don, did the world.
I'm a richer person for her friendship.
Love ya, Laura! Happy 45th (your prezzie's coming ...)!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday greeting ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura.Lesley thanks for the masks and fun on Saturday.
Love Shelley

Natalie said...

The friendship you share is somehow a pleasure for all of us. I guess it's just a comfort to know that good people find each other and their happiness makes the world a better place.
Happy Birthday Laura.

Laura Jane said...

Oh LES!!!!!

What a wonderful tribute! I'm stunned and delighted, and a bit teary to be honest.

I have similar feelings about our friendship, haven't we come a long way, side-by-side?

Aww, can't wait to see you later x x x

Frogdancer said...

Yes, she's lovely, isn't she?