Monday, 23 August 2010

One wall finished
I've finished the first wall, including a trio of ants, a procession of ladybirds, a couple of caterpillars, a big fat grasshopper and a green frog, all at kids' eye level.
I think I'm a day's work away from finishing the second wall, seen below at its very early stage.
I shall miss my days spent at Maggie's — it's been such a laugh, and I've had so much fun chatting to her and her clients, and having my friends drop in.


Rattling On said...

Like the sound of the frog. I've always loved frogs and we have loads in our garden!

Fairlie said...

A mural painter working away in a hair salon...clients and friends coming and going..

Sounds like it could have been the basis of a new TV sitcom! (Or perhaps a reality show given that's all that seems to be produced anymore!)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Glad I found your blog:-) The wall art is fabulous. I made a trip to Perth many years ago on work. Hope you can stop by My Dream Canvas.