Wednesday, 1 June 2011

First day of winter

Lots happening here, with Will soon to leave us for a week in Melbourne, staying with Lily, on his way to LA, San Francisco, Boston and New York for six weeks.My elder son Simon is about to take his son Mack (who has been c-r-a-z-y about dinosaurs for five of his seven and a half years) to walk with the dinosaurs in Brisbane — lucky pair!
My best friend Dace and her kids take off on Sunday for London, Rome, Paris, Riga and Krakow, and my best friend Shelley is very soon off to Hyderabad.
But I'll be at home in the warm, dreaming up more soppy adventures for Julia and keeping the home fires burning.It's the first day of winter, praise the whatever, and we've just endured the driest, warmest May on record, a complete fizzer of an autumn straight after the hottest, driest most horrible summer on record. I love winter! Let it rain. And please, please, please let it get below 10 degrees C (50F) at night occasionally so I can sleep the way I love to.
Enough words. These are all pics I've gleaned from my adventures on design blogs and tumblr.
I love the look of white floors and furniture, a la Scandinavian blogs, but I'm such a shoddy housekeeper I could never live with it for very long without there being baked bean stains and dog hair everywhere, or crap in the cracks in the floorboards. Sigh. So I'll confine myself to admiring pretty pictures.
Top pic is from Country Homes and Interiors, a UK mag which seems not to have its own website.
I've misplaced the info about pic 2 — mea culpa.
Pic 3 and 5 are from Hus o Hem.
Pic 4 is from Skona Hem.


Ulla said...

The pic 2 is definitely Scandinavian too, we have rag rugs like that. That's how our ancestors have used the worn out clothes: cut into strips and woven to rugs. Quilting is a newer thing.
- Julia's story is great fun!

The Mof said...

I'm with you. Bring on the cold, wet days and cold nights.
First day of winter and I am glad to report heavy showers in York - and tinges of green covering the sunburnt landscape.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,
I loved the pictures, white floors had that once never again , black all the way. I am love the Julia saga, keep up the good work, I was a little bit sad she was a no show today!

Rattling On said...

Country Homes does have a blog though
Which has great photos... I have lots of painted floors and they do indeed show every scuff and dog hair. I also have poorish eyesight, which is a boon in these situations.
19C here yesterday, almost like summer at last! I hope you get some cooler weather, though 10C here is considered warm (I'm not kidding).

Anonymous said...

Oi, Les, where's My Trashy Romance (4)?


Lesley said...

Patience! I'm writing it again from scratch, and I've just had two solid days' work, spent all day Friday looking after Harper, and today getting Will ready for his big trip, so I'm expecting major dalliance with the muse tomorrow.

If you're lucky!

Fairlie said...

Yes, yes. Bring on part 4!

Sarah said...

I'm not so keen on winter, but am rugging up and trying to focus on the positives!

I took my 11 year brother to Walkng with Dinosaurs here in Sydney and he and all the children in the audience loved it, so I'm sure so will your grandson. The dinosaurs were amazing and there was a good mix of info and entertainment in the show,