Sunday, 25 September 2011

Catching up

For the past month I've been working full time and a bit - and for two weekend during that time, we had the grandkiddies staying over, from Friday night to Monday morning, so tempus has well and truly fugited.
For a week, I'll be back doing my regular job, then there's a stint as Sir (which I'll be sharing with my new fellow sub - yay!), and after that a month as arts editor ... and before you know it, we'll be revving up and hurtling towards Christmas, with huge issues.
Here's what else has been happening.
:: Reading ... I'm loving and chortling my way through Rupert Everett's autobiography, Red Carpet and Other Banana Skins, lent to me by my best friend Dace. What a naughty, wicked boy he is! I'm not usually an autobiography or biography fan, but it's a fabulous read, and so cleverly written.
On my Kindle, I'm reading Mildred Pierce, after watching the excellent mini-series on TV, starring Kate Winslet and our very own Guy Pearce. They both recently won Emmys for it, so it will probably get on free-to-air telly soon.
I haven't read any James M. Cain before, and love that early 20th century Los Angeles setting. I'm wondering if the book, written in the 1940s, will be as out-and-out sexy as the TV mini-series. Click here to see the trailer on YouTube.
Our book club has just done The Help (enjoyed that movie, too), and our next book is Larry's Party, by Carol Shields, one of my all-time favourite reads.
:: TV ... My regulars (apart from re-runs of Nigella shows and all the Grand Designs), are Crownies and At Home with Julia - love them both. On Friday night, Scott & Bailey, the new British cop show started well. So great that in these British shows the women are so flawed and look so ordinary - not like the US shows where they are stick-thin and always perfectly made-up, or the apparent 13-year-old legal types in Crownies, who are all utterly beautiful and have outrageous sex lives and the wardrobes to go with them (I still like it, though!).
On Friday, the ABC was touting the start of The Jonathon Ross Show from the UK, with guests Hugh Jackman and Stephen Fry. They said it was the hottest thing on TV in the UK, and he was UK telly's biggest and most popular and beloved interviewer, blah blah. Envisioning the new Michael Parkinson, I watched it - yuck! Inane interviews, no leading the subjects into conversations, just naff, idiotic questions. And he was so obsequious and gibbering about Stephen Fry that it was embarrassing to watch.
:: Sewing ... I haven't yet made a start on the English-language version of the Japanese pattern book, but will very soon. I've also got the fabric for a new bag, and will be making Harper some wee little flowery dresses.
:: Knitting ... Lily has requested a cardie for her birthday, and as she sent me the wool for it from Japan, I have started.
My best friend Shelley also gave me some amazing Noro silk-blend that I'm looking forward to getting on my needles.
:: Crochet ...
My best friend Caroline has been waiting for ages for me to finish this granny square cushion - it is on its way, promise!
:: Breaking in ... New Birkenstocks. They feel so strange ...


Anonymous said...

Leslie! I am in love! You have no idea how excited I am by the photo of the crochet. Yippee! I am currently filming a TV movie about the Mickelbergs and one of the young ones you mention from Crownies is playing Peter Mickelberg. I play Peg ( the Mickelbergs' Mum). It's quite exciting really. Will tell you all at our next book club meeting. xx

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that message above was from Caroline! Cheers and love from Caro xx

andamento said...

Nice to see you back.
I fail to see the attraction of Jonathon Ross myself. I saw the show you refer to and thought it was pretty rubbish too. Each to his own I suppose.
I've not read any of the books yuo mention but will keep an eye out for them, always good to find new authors.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, The garden shot is beautiful, those poppies are divine. Yes the Jonathon Ross Show was a bit on the lame side I thought, as was the new Rove Show in L.A.Gosh Caro , Peg Mickleberg , I was only thinking of Caroline and Damien this afternoon and wondering how their little project was steaming along.
Cheers, Shelley x

Mousy Brown said...

Not all of us over here rate J Ross either....they always make me want to hide behind the sofa (not from fear!) Love the crochet picture, I am in need of a crochet project at the moment - it is so much easier to carry to work! Em x

Karen said...

Hi Les, your post makes me feel inadequate. All that gorgeous creative stuff on top of full time work and family duties!
I read your "huge issues" as "huge iss-ews" and wondered what catastrophes you were anticipating for this year's festive season. Then I realised, oh, big papers...
My dear, when can we do a Kindle swap?