Monday, 14 November 2011


I started out making this bag as a Christmas present.
But actually, I'm not perfectly happy with it.
The lining material is not a tight enough weave, so it's way too soft and lacks substance, and the handles aren't quite the same, and ... meh.
The dark denim bottom was a success though - and it's been boxed at the bottom so it stands up very well and won't blob.I'll probably use it myself when I need a slightly bigger bag.
Let's hope that won't be the result of the rest of my gift making!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lesley, That Latino music has really got you going , the quilt looks fantastic ... then a cake ... a now a bag! Whats in that coffee your drinking. All looks fantastic. Cheers, Shelley.

andamento said...

It looks perfect from here, you must be a fusspot (I am too, so hope you're not offended!)

Lesley said...

:: Cooee Shelley - yes, I am all systems go here at the moment. But three days of work do get in the way!

:: Hello Ann! Yes, definitely a right old fusspot. My husband (for whose sister this bag was supposed to be) can't understand my reluctance, so I'll see how I go. She may get it after all!

Suse said...

I think it's gorgeous. Just gorgeous.