Monday, 4 June 2012


Peonies from my best friend Shelley – thanks so much! They were such a treat.
It seems odd, when I have every Monday off, for the rest of the working world to have it off as well! I feel like I should have tomorrow off as well to compensate.
I'm chipping away at the book I'm working on, and enjoying sitting at my desk with the back door open to the garden. It's a balmy 22 degrees with a little wind and just bloody perfect.
We had a quiet weekend, mainly because I've been warding off a head cold, which has been coming and going since last Tuesday. 
Saw a lovely Michelle Williams movie (Take This Waltz) on Saturday morning with my best friend Karen. While we both enjoyed it, we did sit for a few minutes afterwards and grumble about some of the odd things in it, like the really bizarre conversation Margot (Williams) has over coffee with the bloke she fancies, in which he tells her what he wants to do to her, at which point any self-respecting woman would either slap him or go "eew..." and walk quickly away. There was a sort of wacky collage of weirdly incongruous sex scenes, to boot. And we'd have trimmed it by a good 20 minutes with some judicious editing. But other than those gripes, it was fab!
David and I are off for a long weekend in Adelaide from Friday morning, he as guest of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and me as tag-along. We love exploring a good city together, and we are really looking forward to it. I think we're going to seven or eight shows, and a gala dinner. Yay! Packing the wicked boots and the leopard-skin coat ...


Anonymous said...

Peonies look divine. Adelaide you little celebrity gad about, what a great way to spend a weekend, lucky you. Shelley

Jennifer said...

Looking forward to hearing the report of your adventures afield!

Knit Witch said...

Yum! I'll go anywhere for a jar of home made seville orange marmalade if you can really spare one? I greased my silicone pan - perhaps that's one of the reasons for the sad result... the outside was fried

Lesley said...

I'll take a jar with me to the office tomorrow (Thursday) and you can pick it up then, or any time after that. If you come by between Tuesday and Thursday, stop and say hello. I'm not there Fridays and Mondays. You know where we are now? Two seven six Onslow, on the corner of King.