Monday, 26 November 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

 1. Mum's home after a month in New Zealand – a trek and a half for her at 83, considering she's terrified of flying and very shaky on her pins. She had tricky stopovers in Melbourne going both ways, that were almost as long as the flying time. But it was lovely for her and my brother to see each other and, we hope, the first of many.
2. The blokes in my household are away down south doing the firebreaks and mowing the bush block in readiness for the fire season. And while I'd rather they were here, I am enjoying the lack of cricket commentary and bass rhythms.
3. A bit of sewing, above. I made this:
from this pile of Liberty offcuts from my best friend, Shelley:
and a bit I had lying around.


Laura Jane said...

Hello stranger!!!!

LOVE the new bag, and am very glad your Mum has returned safely x

Rattling On said...

Hello! Love the patchwork Liberty just all goes together so well.