Saturday, 1 December 2012

Reasons to be cheerful, part 3

:: We have assembled all the ingredients, even the St Agnes, and there will be Christmas cake mixin'n'bakin' in the morrow.
"Mixing" with the Adorables.
:: We went shopping at the Re Store this morning, and I wore my op-shop dress and felt like a real nonna. Which I am, of course. But I looked the part in my black frock. Especially as I approach my fabulous new almost-spherical shape -- attributable entirely to menopause and a desk job. Luckily, I had dealt with the moustache earlier in the morning.
:: Three weeks from today, Lily gets home. 
:: I have not one but two (2) brand-new pairs of thongs. I wore my new best, going-out ones ($7) to the shops this morning (which helped the nonna thing I had going no end), and now I'm home and I'm in my new everyday thongs ($3.50). Life is special.


Fairlie said...

You are so funny!

andamento said...

Ahhhh, in Australia thongs = flip flops! Here in the UK thongs are sexy skimpy pants (where pants = briefs, not trousers as in the US), ie similar to g-strings. I was starting to wonder what your Nonna's got up to under their black dresses!

Jennifer said...

Love this one, entirely!