Thursday, 7 June 2007

Check this out

:: Please click on this to have a look at the latest wonderful exhibition of work by my good friend, Paul Trinidad, who is a lecturer at the University of Western Australia school of fine arts. And all you Perth-ites: if you're going to be anywhere near the Goldfields, go along and have a look!
Paul's earliest memories are of living, excavating and prospecting for gold in some of the remotest regions of Western Australia, around the big salt lake country of Lake Ballard and Patricia, a long way even from such small regional centres as Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie.
Though Paul no longer lives full-time in the country he loves, the country he loves has never left him and continues to influence and inform his work.
In this latest exhibition, he draws a revealing analogy between mark-making in the process of art, in particular in printmaking (at which he excels), and marking the land, digging it out, in the process of mining.
I'll ask him for a pic to show you here!

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