Saturday, 9 June 2007

Just checking in!

Hi there, forgive the infrequency of my posts - I'm working hard to get a lot of projects and other stuff out of the way by June 24, when we all fly home together.

:: I just have to share with you the wonderful writing and expression in this truly fabulous article from the New York Times:

The Dance of the Final Bow - New York Times
I know next to nothing about ballet, and I don't particularly like it - though in 1975 I did pay a mind-boggling $32 to see Rudolf Nureyev dance in Sleeping Beauty at the Entertainment Centre in Perth. I was the first on my feet to applaud at some of his amazingly high leaps, so that he bowed to me from the stage. I nearly fainted!
But the affectionate tone of this report, by such a knowledgeable critic, almost brought a tear to my eye.

Bye-ee! See you soon!

PS: And when you're reading this article, just double-click on any word in it and the NYT will pop up a window for you with more info! I get the NYT emailed to me free, every morning, whereas the abysmal West Australian wants $750 a year or something ridiculous before you can even open its website.

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