Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lepidoptimism, or waiting in the wings ...

I'm flat out over here. There's a baby shower party on Sunday, for one Bondi baby on the way, and the baby of a great friend of all of us at the Bondi.
I decided these two new little babies - and a third, who won't be represented at this weekend's party - had to have pictures for their rooms, and so I've been splashing paint about like a madwoman. A perfectly content madwoman!

I turned the dining table into a work bench to prepare all the canvases. I spent an afternoon prepping about a dozen little ones and two or three big ones, leaving them outside to dry in the warm shade.
Now I have my desk all set up, with Pandora blaring away out of my computer. It's bliss!

Here's the work so far., pictured, as usual, by the pool:

They're all based on actual butterflies, and I've changed the colours a bit. The top left one was my prototype - it's not centred correctly and I was just trying things out. The tortoiseshell, bottom right, is unfinished. I'm unsure about the turquoise one because while its design is based on a real butterfly - the common blue - it looks a bit too science-fiction. Doesn't fit with the others. Like the colours, though. Or do I ... ?
We'll see how we go!


Felicia said...

What a very pretty butterfly painting. What a wonderful gift.

Jennifer said...

Wow, wow, wow. These are absolutely gorgeous! And I really love the turquoise one -- makes me think of a butterfly illuminated at nighttime. You are giving things (wings!) that will be treasured for a lifetime. So now what are you going to make for YOU?

(and by the way, Nintendo is also a mainstay at our house -- board games and video games ALL have their place!)