Saturday, 13 October 2007

Chuffed ...
... to see my old pencil box (above) being used by Will, who has discovered drawing in a big way since he enrolled in extra-curricular classes at his school, run by the local community college. Combining that with his daily digital imaging course and his normal art classes at school, he's starting to think that maybe art school is an option he needs to explore.

:: Classes at my art school begin Monday week - I have yet to choose a lecturer, but I'm so excited at the thought of starting again. It's just an adult-ed sort of course, but all the teachers I've had there have been excellent, and take it very seriously.

:: I just read about a French woman being hauled over the coals for kissing a $2 million-plus painting on exhibition, and leaving an indelible lipstick smear that restorers and conservators cannot budge, even after applying 30 different chemicals! Doesn't help that the painting was an almost all-white canvas by Cy Twombly (who I always thought was English, but it turns out he's from the US).
The silly woman thought the artist would appreciate her expression of love for his work - and well he may, but the owner is furious and threatening to sue for the full worth of the painting plus repairs.

:: Two puppies:
Whenever I sit down in the evening, I get the full treatment: Yoshi jumps on to my lap, climbs up and puts a paw either side of my neck and leans against my face. It's a real cuddle. Here, he's delivering a similar hug to Will, who was lying on the floor, for some reason, when Yoshi walked all over him.

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