Monday, 29 October 2007

Pipkins and pumpkins
Sunday arvo, Dave's dozing on the settee, having watched the Chargers (our local American football team) beat Houston, and I've been listening to BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Reading while knitting booties. The perfect afternoon!

These are for brand-new baby Rohan, son of our chef, Chris, and his gorgeous wife Amanda.
I knit them out of Manos del Uruguay hand-dyed 100 % wool, with chunky size 10.5 (6.5mm) double-pointed needles, to a pattern recommended on someone's blog recently (I'm so sorry, I forget whose!). The pattern, by Uniform Studio, is available free if you click here. It's very simple, but after just finishing Mum's socks in fine wool and on fine needles, I felt like a giant manipulating these tiny boots on such thick needles!
I'm also tossing up whether to thread a little tie round the ankles, as they look as though an active baby could kick them off quite quickly.

:: The pumpkins were part of a fabulous display at Disneyland, a couple of weeks ago. Some of the Bondi staffers dragged me along (like I needed much persuasion!) and even forced me on some of the wilder rides. I couldn't move the next day, after spending every roller-coaster-type ride with every muscle tensed, teeth gritted, and eyes screwed shut. I felt as though I'd spent the day being pummelled!

:: Just watching Bill on the telly, wishing Hillary a happy 60th birthday - he's sounding a bit croaky. Must be that multi-million-dollar public speaking circuit taking its toll.


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you went along to Disneyland! It's on our list of places we'd like to visit -- we've been to Disney World several times. I am NOT a rides person, but your comments made me want to share this tip with you. I, too, used to suffer horribly because when I'd get talked into riding something, I'd tense my whole body and then be sore and miserable for days after (and I'd tell myself it was proof that rides were NOT for me). But then someone told me that the secret is to focus on relaxing, on un-gripping, un-tensing, keeping your jaw relaxed (and honestly, for me, this includes taking a moment to realize that the odds are great that I am NOT going to die at the hands of the ride!). And then -- voila! The experience is actually enjoyable, it doesn't hurt afterwards -- all that good stuff. I still can't/won't do the huge stuff, but this has made it possible for me to do much more than I ever dreamed I would. Try it next time!

Lesley (El Zed) said...

Gosh, I dunno, Jennifer: I'd have to give myself a jolly good talking to before I could relax like that! I remember riding on the Matterhorn when I went with the kids last year, which is a simulated bob-sleigh ride in and out and down and through a mountain. I seriously thought I was going to be killed or break my neck as it whizzed through those tiny tunnels!
But I'll give it a go next time. Maybe! I tried Thunder Mountain Railway, and Splash Mountain (got drenched) this time. The girls wanted to take me on Space Mountain, but I declined! I'd need psych help to attempt California Screamin' with its 360-degree nightmare and rocket-blasting start!

Suse said...

Those baby booties are divine.

Natalie said...

Love the booties... so tiny and cute!
Love Disneyland... it sounds like a perfect destination right now: 100% fun fantasy and escape...
Jennifer is so right! I do not ride wild rides in general, but if I do, the secret is to go limp, anticipate the movement and move with the ride. It really, really works.
Gee, I am tempted to test the ride theory. Would it be bad form to ditch school? lol