Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Perfect guests
This is Devon, making some stars for the dining room mantelpiece yesterday morning, after he'd vacuumed the stairs and the upstairs hallway. I kid you not. And he and James took the dogs for a walk later, which always leaves them so well-behaved (below)!
:: News from Nanook of the North — they are in beautiful, beautiful Mendocino, on the northern coast of California. David rang me this morning to rave about how gorgeous it was, and how unbelievable the redwoods were ... and how very glad he was to get out of the mountains and out of the snow!

:: I took Dev and James downtown today while Will was at school. We went to Borders and the chili sauce shop in Horton Plaza, where James bought some chili sauce called 'Mega-Death' which apparently is several hundred times 'hotter' than tabasco and came with a free skull key ring. You get the picture.
After lunch at the Bondi, we drove along the Embarcadero and got as far as the massive aircraft carrier, the USS Midway, before the guys yelled for me to stop. They spent an hour and a half on board — it's now permanently docked and a museum — while I walked along the bay and returned to the car to sit in the sunshine and read bits from my new books from Borders.

:: Tonight the three guys are making their own burgers for dinner. I shall have a bowl of soup, watch the DVD of All Passion Spent, which Netflix delivered this morning, and go to bed with a hottie.

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GeraniumCat said...

That sounds like my kind of evening! Don't know where I'd be without my hottie (but I got embarrassed when I went for early breakfast in a hotel the other day and the chambermaid found it still in the bed - oops. Must get the DVD of All Passion Spent.