Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Seven and one in a wheelchairOur five fabulous days in New York for Lily's 21st birthday (Sunday) went far too quickly, and this morning, sitting in the sunny silence of San Diego, I'm missing my girl and all the noise and excitement of being (almost) all together in that amazing place.We thought for a while that Simon would join us, and be there to buy his baby sister her first legal beer in the US, and we were so disappointed when he couldn't make it. Will made up for it, though, sticking close to his sister, sharing wheelchair pushing with Nick and Larissa for the miles and miles we walked, and helping her about.Of course, when we started planning this trip, we had no idea she'd have a broken foot and be in a wheelchair — but she didn't let that cramp her style, dampen her enthusiasm, or get in her way at all. From crowded Subway trains and tiny historic pubs, to Broadway and the top of the Empire State Building.
There were six of us to start with: Will, Lily, her boyfriend Nick, her room-mate Larissa (who turned 21 the Sunday before), David and I. Then, on Friday night we were joined by Iman, one of Lily's old school friends from Subiaco. Iman is studying in Washington DC and working until December as a Congressional intern in the office of Don Young, the sole Representative from Alaska, and a Republican to his gun-totin' boot straps.Iman (pictured above with Larissa) is staunchly un-Republican, though, and it was great fun to catch up with her and hear all her stories — especially about election night, when she was at the Democrats' sparkling celebration party in a DC ballroom.
She also really knew her way around in NY, having studied here for a while last year, so she was very handy when it came to negotiating our way through the Subway, one of the major lines of which had been closed for renovations. Chaos!On Sunday morning, early, we were joined by another old Subi mate, James, who's been in the US since August, working as a volunteer on the Obama campaign, doorknocking and 'getting out the vote' in Detroit, Ohio, Philadelphia and Virginia. More fab stories! It's a pity we couldn't have had longer with him, but at least he got there for Lily's birthday.


Laura Jane said...

Lovely to see all those smiling Subi faces.

Of COURSE she is undaunted by a mere broken foot. She is LILY!

Thanks for the photos.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos , Happy belated birthday wishes to Lily. Where did all those babies go? The photo of Lily, Iman and James made realize how time as flown. Loved the on the spot coverage. Shelley

Joss said...

Thanks for having James with you in NY - Love the photos

Fairlie said...

Man. We Subi babes travel far and wide. (Yes, like many West Aussies, I was born there.)

What a fabulous way to celebrate a 21st. Happy belated birthday to Lily.

caroline said...

I so loved seeing that photo of Lily, James and Iman. Something about those Subi kids! Very special! Wish Sam could have been there too!Ah New York, New York! One day! Wish Lil a happy belated birthday. Love Caroline