Friday, 28 November 2008

It's Thanksgiving today — so happy turkey day to my American friends!
:: It's been a week since my last post ...... and I've been productive. I've got Christmas well under control, with parcels ready to go, and Christmas cards all written and ready to post.
Lily was home for a few days, and we had family dinners at the Bondi on two nights. I'm happy to report it was jumping both times, and the new winter menu is just sensational. If I do say so myself!
At home, David got cooking and I got baking, and Lily and I got stuck into her quilt and have finished piecing the top. Yay! So now I can relax and get it layered and quilted.Lily has planned a post-Christmas road-trip with friends of hers from Perth, tying in with our visit from Dace, Max and Halina. She still has the cast on her leg, and we're all hoping she'll be in good shape for her trip, which takes in the Grand Canyon and Oklahoma City for the Flaming Lips' New Year's Eve concert.
I was devastated when she flew off back up north: I'll see her just a couple more times over Christmas and the New Year and then David, Will and I will be off home to Perth.
It's been raining — oh the very sound of it dripping on the big leaves outside our bedroom window at night ... soooooothing!
We've been to the movies — last week we saw the wonderful and widely acclaimed British film, Happy Go Lucky, which I heartily recommend. Last night, we saw Australia, which was a truly entertaining three hours if a little dodgy on dialogue and music. And with a week and a good pair of scissors, I'd be more than capable of cutting a good twenty minutes out of it. But definitely worth seeing. The first Baz movie I've liked. But why the grandiose, all-encompassing title? A great film to see at an early session so you've time for lots of talk about it afterwards.
I've been sorting out my 10,000 photos stored in iPhoto, and updating my visual diary, which is definitely one of those jobs best done when there's no rush ...
... and I've been making a few bits and bobs out of papier mache for Christmas. These have turned out strange. I have doubts. They are weird and very spooky, and eventually they will get wings and then be weird and very spooky angels. The jury is out until then!
There are a few less subversive-looking birds made with the same technique, but I neglected to photograph them. Next time.
:: Horrible, horrible reports from Mumbai. And an Air New Zealand training plane down in the Mediterranean. And an Australian killed in Afghanistan. Grim times.


M said...

Gosh, you have been productive! I really must get my Christmas act together. I am really late making the christmas pud this year. Maybe sometime this weekend...

Laura Jane said...

Ooh, the cake looks great.

So do the angels...really interesting - did you cast the shapes yourself? I can't wait to see them up close, and with wings. Intriguing.

It will be very strange to be so far away from Lily, while having both your sons close by on return to Perth.

I am very disturbed by the Mumbai dramas, I have been to the Taj Mahal hotel and can picture it vividly. It is quite, quite shocking, and not fully over yet.

Sarah said...

I think many of us Aussies have a problem with Baz having the hide to call his film after our whole country, as if it say's all that needs to be said! I haven't seen it yet, but suspect it will be a movie so bad its good, a la The Notebook.

rhubarbwhine said...

Yummy cake!!!

caroline said...

I absolutely love the angels! You are amazing Lesley and I'm so pleased that you have resumed blogging.

katiecrackernuts said...

I think these totem . nativity . whatevers are great. GREAT!

Victoria said...

SERIOUSLY - I love love love love those "spooky angels". I just saved the photos on my computer for future inspiration, I hope you don't mind. I think they're wonderful and I'm really inspired by them.