Sunday, 11 January 2009

I'm badWe went to The Container Store this morning, to buy boxes so we could start packing up some of our non-essentials, like winter coats and snow gear.
But even flat, the boxes were too big to go in the boot of the car, so we folded them and stacked them in behind the front seats, and then David left Dace and me at the shopping centre while he took the boxes home, saying he'd be back to pick us up in about 40 minutes.
So the store right next door to The Container Store is Bloomingdales, and we just had to walk right through the shoe department on our search for coffee.And then these found me.I won't tell you how much they were (cos some of you know David), except that they were half-price and were made in Spain. And they are made of the most perfect, black suede. So soft it's almost edible. And they come right up to my kneecap, or they can be squished down ever so slightly. There's no zip.
And hey! In Australia, they'd cost an arm and a leg and a kidney, if not a first-born. And they are so impeccably classic that I'll be wearing them until I'm 90.
I haven't shown them to David yet, so I photographed them in the sewing room on the hush while he's watching the gridiron and answering Dace's questions. (I love Dace.)
And I'd model them for you, but if I leave them in the box until next weekend, I can ring the lovely young man at Bloomie's who sold them to me. He'll tell me if they've been further reduced after next week's two-day stocktaking, in which case they'll refund me the difference.
I gotta say — the shopping here is a whole 'nother planet.


Natalie said...

You are busting me up.
You know the wisdom that goes...
it's easier to apologize than ask permission?
That's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those. You are right - an arm, leg, kidney, first born and mortgage. If I wire you the money will you get me some? I am an Aussie 9 in boots to allow for socky room... ;)

Anonymous said...

AND... they came in their own box making them a snap to pack for the move!

So many good reasons for their purchase.

M said...

A great reason to be bad. I was bad today to, but not THAT bad. Very cool.

Pondside said...

What could be more sensible than a pair of black boots?.....and if they're gorgeous, that's a bonus.
I've had a good time reading back on your blog postings - you know how to have a good time!
If you ever come back this way to meet up with the rellies, just put a comment on my blog and I'll come out to the highway with a 'welcome' sign!

Laura Jane said...

Love. The. Boots.

I'm so jealous. I must have the fattest calves in Perth, cos for 2 seasons now I have walked Perth lusting after boots and been unable to squeeze my *adorable* self into ANY pair - even the ones with a wide-fit top. The shorter lengths just won't do - its under the knee or leave it behind!

Poor Dave - Is Dace grilling him? About gridiron? He'll just have to take it like a man. ;]