Monday, 5 January 2009

I heart New Mexico
Got back from New Mexico late last night — it really is my favourite place. Magnificent landscapes; snow on the Sangre de Cristo mountains; the melding of old Spanish, Mexican and Native American cultures — it has everything. There was snow everywhere as we drove north of Albuquerque, climbing to Santa Fe, which, at over 2000 metres (7000 feet), is the highest capital city in the US.
Unfortunately we never got to see snow fall from the sky, which is something Max and Will were hoping for. Of course, there's lots of snow forecast for today and tomorrow — now we're back in California!
Lily joined us for a night in Santa Fe before heading off for Oklahoma City to see the Flaming Lips New Year's Eve concert (brilliant, apparently). Then she and her friends spent a day or two in Austin, Texas, and are now on their way to New Orleans and Memphis. She likes a good road trip, does our girl.
:: Tomorrow we're off to Los Angeles to be at a taping of the Ellen De Generes show — that's the plan, though at the moment we're only on standby for a seat in the audience. We'll be watching from 'the riff-raff room'.
I hope you all had a great Christmas, and will have a wonderful 2009!
Back soon ...


Fairlie said...

I'd be happy to be 'riff-raff' at the Ellen De Generes show - although nabbing a seat in the audience would be even better!

Sounds like you're having a fun start to the year.

M said...

Really must put New mexico on my must see places. I hear skiing at Taos is excellent.