Friday, 20 February 2009

Back in Perth with not much time to read or write blogs, but just enough to tell you how wonderful it is to be home.  The place looks amazing — so clean! On my first morning, I was awake pretty early and just loved watching the rising sun light up the trees across the road.I didn't realise how much I missed that green-gold light. Glorious. (This early rising was due as much to a slight case of jetlag as to the horrible daylight saving that has been enforced on Western Australia, so the sun rises and sets far later than feels healthy.)
The kids are loving being home. Lily and Nick are up in town for the weekend and have taken Will and a bunch of their friends off to a party.
Dave is on the couch watching Carlton play North Melbourne in a pre-season match, and Dace is away at a works do. 
On Sunday we're off to Albany — can't wait to do that amazing drive south, through Williams and Arthur River and Kojonup, with the low rolling hills of canola and the big blue sky. 
It's fab knowing we're here for some time, so we don't have to squash everything into a few days. I'm looking forward to ringing all my friends and arranging catch-ups, and just getting back into the swing of things.
:: The A380 was just fantastic, by the way. The more ergonomically-designed seats, that seemed a little wider than on the old jumbos, with maybe a few centimetres more knee room, made a great difference. Of course, these huge double-decker planes are slower than the 747s, and our flight to Melbourne was 14 hours and 40 minutes long. But I slept like a log from quite soon after take-off and dinner, waking up with only five hours to go!
All that talk of sleep has made me suddenly weary, so I'm off to my bed. I'll try to post some pics next time ... 


Natalie said...

Chapter IV... a happy beginning. Can't wait for more installments and pictures.

Jennifer said...

Hurray for being surrounded and engulfed by home -- comfortable and comforted in ways that cannot be described, only lived.

We miss you already.

Frogdancer said...

Welcome home!

Meg said...

Welcome back! Hope you find a lovely hacienda style house to live in!

M said...

Welcome home!

Give Koji a big wave as you drive through to Albany. I hear the co-op burnt down a couple weeks ago.

Pondside said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely and are so obviously happy to be there. Good luck with the unpacking and settling in - after a while I'll be looking for some photos and more installments of this chapter.