Monday, 16 February 2009

Last American post
This time tomorrow we'll be at LAX waiting for our plane — and I think we're flying the big new A380, which will be exciting. A few hours in Melbourne en route, and then straight through to Perth.
I had a few sad days, when the dogs left and we started packing in earnest. And I'm sure gonna miss lots of wonderful things about living in America. But now I'm all excited about being home again.
There are boxes everywhere. There's a mountain of stuff to go to Goodwill tomorrow, and another mountain to go to the tip. All the cupboards and all the drawers are empty. 
:: I have my beloved Mac back, complete with brand-new hard drive and a new operating system, so I'm very happy about that. It doesn't quite feel familiar, but I'll soon get that sorted once we're back in the lower hemisphere.
:: Lily's back in Australia! I won't have to climb on board that giant plane feeling that I was leaving her all alone in this great big country. Her boyfriend, Nick, is with her, and they're going to be staying on the farm down south, working as and when they can, and studying to finish their degrees over there. Both these brilliant young people have negotiated independent study contracts with their faculties, found sponsors, and packed up their house. Then they drove south to us for a few days and flew off. 
:: I'm exhausted, so forgive the rather disjointed news. Only one brain working at the mo. 
I shall have to sign off now — upstairs to bed for the last time in this house. 


Natalie said...

No matter where you go, I will always feel like a have a dear friend.
It will be good to hear your voice, again when you are in your new home.

Anonymous said...

Well... that makes it very official and very real! I hope you manage some quality sleep on the way over.

M said...

I look forward to your first Aussie post and thereby welcoming you back! I hope you do get to fly in the A380.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the long trip back! It's a strange feeling coming home but also very exciting and comforting. Looking forward to hearing how you like it back here. :)

Sarah said...

Hope you get some rest and have a good journey home. (I work at Qantas Catering and if you are flying on the A380 am sure you'll be impressed).