Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Painting and decorating

I love this house to bits, but there are a lot of colours in it, many of them visible at the same time. And some of them are a bit tired.
So, with the owners' blessing (and their agreement to pay for the paint) I'm about to hoist myself up a ladder, clean, scrape, fill, sand and paint some of the walls.
I'm going for a clean look, with an off-white everywhere that will bounce a bit more light around, especially in some of the older rooms.
For the first time, I'm glad our furniture has been delayed (apparently it missed the boat in Singapore!), as I'll have time to get the rooms ship-shape before everything arrives.
I do miss my enormous American bed, though. It's a California king-size, with a luxurious pillow top. And to go with it, I have fabulous pima cotton sheets in an impossibly high thread count. Mmmmmm ... sleeepy ....
:: We just spent a fantastic Easter weekend down south at the beach house, with friends, cards, amazing food, chocolate (of course!), plenty to drink and lots of laughs. The weather was brilliant: sunny and warm, with cool breezy nights.
In Perth, mind you, there must have been incredibly wild windy weather. We came home last night to discover the umbrella which shades the table on the deck had flown the coop.

We found it this morning, high on top of our roof.

Blogger is being petulant, as Blogger can so frequently be, and will not allow me to add any pics. (Added next morning: Well, Blogger is feeling better this morning and will let me add pics in html, which is a compromise, I guess. Blogger and my old eMac clearly do not see eye to eye ...)
:: Oh! And I picked several of the winning Lotto numbers in a system (don't ask me — I just picked the numbers). We won $750!


M said...

$750! Great win.

I'm told it's quite warm in Perth at the moment. Hubby is about to fly over to check out some things down south, I'm a little envious to say the least.

Anonymous said...

$750 should cover the purchase of paint to spruce it all up!