Sunday, 5 April 2009

Scenes from my Sunday
Autumn in Perth is the most wonderful time of the year.
The days are sunny and warm — not too hot — and the nights cool down beautifully.
I have a garden now. It's big and beautiful, though it hasn't had any TLC for a long time and is overgrown and looking a bit feral. The agents have promised to send us a gardener for a day to mow the lawns, weed the beds, un-choke the roses and clear the paths.
After that, I look forward to digging and planting a few bits and pieces of my own.
There's a park on the other side of our back fence, and the dog gets at least one walk a day here.

How brilliant to step through the garden gate into our very own leafy space.
And here's a pic of the room at the back of the garage as it was when we moved in. This is now my workroom— so exciting!
It came complete with old lawnmower, empty beer bottles, a dead rat, lots of spiders and crappy chairs.
But potential — oh yes! I've cleaned it out, and scraped off any crumbling old white paint.
Nick was an absolute angel and sealed and painted the walls for me, as well as putting up sheets of plastic — first stages in a ceiling I'm intending to create from cardboard. Sounds dodgy, but it will be all that's needed to stop dirt, dust, leaves and spiders from dropping in from the rafters.
Yesterday, David gave me a speaker set for my iPod — a belated birthday present (the federal government sent me an invitation to take part in its free bowel cancer screening project — yay!) which I have put to good use.
I'm using the new workroom to strip and paint this great old cupboard, which was one of the many wonderful items Dace and I scavenged from neighbourhood verges during our recent 'bring out yer dead' weekend.
Can't make up my mind whether to use it in the family room or in our bedroom ... but know for sure I won't be lining it in sticky-backed plastic, as it was when we found it. Why does it always have polka dots?
I love the workroom's blue door, hidden from view by a big flowering shrub.
The view from the window is the garden — they've planted four kaffir lime trees all in a row. Curious.
Still a very happy camper.


Suse said...

Love the blue door.

And in my experience, the sticky-backed plastic is there to hold the borer-eaten wood together.

Anonymous said...

You have been busy! I spent my Sunday afternoon in similar pursuits - cleaning up and painting my garage - but mine will be used as a playroom for the kids.

Isn't the weather just perfect in Perth at the moment?

Jennifer said...

Trying to adjust my brain, my visual images of you, to your new place and season and all. Lovely to see you there.

Sarah said...

I'm very envious of your pleasant Autumn weather- in Sydney at the momoent it's cold and windy. I'm sad to see summer go.

M said...

I'd love one of those Kaffir Lime trees. Must've been keen on Thai food methinks.

And yes, Perth is fabbo in Autumn. Aaaah.