Saturday, 18 September 2010


Have you ever seen such exquisite ranunculus(es/-i)?
Shelley and Wayne de Fleurs handed me a big bunch as I left their house on Thursday night.
It wasn't until I woke up on Friday and saw them in the morning light that I took in their amazingly delicate colours — and then I was late for work as I just had to photograph them.
The petal edges that look as though they've been delicately blanket-stitched.
Lovely from every angle.
And they are growing sweet peas, already over two metres tall and flowering.
That scent - the first lungful takes me straight back to childhood in England, where Grandad used to grow sweetpeas in his garden and on his allotment.
:: A truck took out a powerpole in our street yesterday afternoon. We had no power at home from about 3pm, and when David and our mate Damien left last night to go to the theatre (David is the West Australian's new theatre critic - yay!), I faced a bafflingly quiet evening with no telly or computer.
So I went to bed by candlelight a little after 7pm. I managed to read a few pages of Roddy Parr and was out like the lights by 8pm.
Feeling very very refreshed this morning — more than ready to be off sculpting Christmas angels with Wayne de Fleurs. More on that later.


Karen said...

Yes, Les, I HAVE seen flowers like that - at the local florist's yesterday, and, like you, I was absolutely charmed! Bought a bouquet as the prize for La's soccer team's players' player award. Yay for Dave's job, too - he's made a great start. Looking forward to more.

Rattling On said...

I WANT THEM!! They are beautiful. I love old fashioned blowsy flowers and they fit that bill perfectly. We'll have to wait over winter now...

Anonymous said...

Goodness me! They certainly are amazing.

Mousy Brown said...


barbara said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, I have never ever seen these flowers ... Thank you for sharing!