Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I've been crook with a revolting head cold, which was much improved by taking this past long weekend away with David and friends down at the bay.
We played lots of cards, with the occasional pause for food, or a run to the shops, or a walk in the bush, or to light a huge bonfire and get rid of a big pile of dead wood on the house block before summer starts.
Thierry noticed a dugite, about 60cm long, warming itself up in a sunny spot on the concrete verandah downstairs, so he hustled it off into the bush. The warm weather's brining out the newly-hatched youngsters and the older ones from hibernation, and this is when they are usually their groggiest and grumpiest and in need of warmth and a feed.
The bush was absolutely bursting with flowers — I don't remember ever seeing it look so beautiful.

There was colour everywhere, from lusty swathes of golden wattle to the tiniest little blue stars all across the ground, with blooms just millimetres across. Spectacular.
I am unable to name almost all of them, apart from the obvious orchids, like those in this post.
:: I've taken the doonas off the bed and put on blankets and sheets — our hibernation's over too; we're in for the long, long warm, I think.


Anonymous said...

What divine flowers. Gorgeous. And missed.

Anonymous said...

What divine flowers. Gorgeous. And missed.

Mousy Brown said...

I have great sympathy with the head cold - hope you are recovered now? Stunning flowers, bit more impressive than the dandelions we get here!

barbara said...

I really enjoyed these photos, after days confined to home - perhaps the very same bug?!
Thank you Lesley

Materialise said...

Hi Lesley,

What a lovely selection of wildflower photos. Thank you! My mum and I would often walk in the bush surrounding our house in Darlington and name these stunning flowers. The yellow orchid at the bottom is a Donkey Orchid 'cute name' and there's def a pink fairy orchid too. The lil' posse of lilac gals are Reed trigger plant. The centres have a little stamen that pops forward when u tap it with a stick.
xx sophie

M said...

Oh...wildflowers... miss.

Natalie said...

Went to Wiki to figure out *dugite*
Wow... I suppose they are as worrisome as rattlesnakes here, but still... I would not be too easy about finding either around my home!
I hope your cold has hustled off too.

victoria said...

I love a good bonfie photo. It's a great feeling to be taking the winter doonas offs the beds!!