Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday scrapbook

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Lesley (Z).
More loveliness from last weekend down south.
If I've done this correctly, clicking on this pic should take you to my wildflower pics stored on flickr.
As I didn't grow up in this part of the world, I have a pathetic lack of knowledge of the names of these plants — and there are so many of them that appear for only a short period in spring. They'll all have Aboriginal names, of course, and it's a shame we don't get taught them.
As well, there are the utilitarian Latin names and classifications, but few common names that have entered the vernacular.
Further north right now, the entire landscape will be blooming with dense drifts of everlastings. We don't get called 'the wildflower state' for nothing.
Posted as part of Dawn's lovely Sunday Scrapbook series — thanks, Dawn!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a joy so beautiful, nice to enjoy natures gifts.

Rattling On said...

Very clever link idea!! One of the things I love about blogging is seeing things from around the world. As we head into winter (without having had a summer...) I'm a bit jealous of your spring photos. Dawn.

Puppet Lady said...

Lovely picturs of unusual (for us in the northern hemisphere) flowers. Just what we need here on a wet and windy autumn day!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Your flower images are stunning!

Anonymous said...

have just investigated your hollywood rags which are very fine indeed! very fitting for such an important event. reading your holywood post makes me so sad again that old mate kevin is not our prime minister. beautiful flowers