Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday scrapbook

As I was collecting all these pics for Dawn's Sunday Scrapbook, I realised they were all pretty much cliched images of Australian birdlife!
Ah well.
One of the kookaburras we often see in the plane tree in our backyard. So we hear a lot of this.A magpie (maggie) down south. It's nesting season now, and these get very protective and will swoop to scare intruders away, which can be quite something with that massive beak coming at you. They have a distinctive warbling song, which is one of the first weird and wonderful sounds I heard at dawn on my very first day in Australia.Mack meets an emu — keeping a safe distance!Black swans at Hyde Park, not far from where we live.Mack meets some twenty-eights, which are one of many Australian ringneck parrots and a very common sight around Perth and the South-West. Not usually as tame as these two.


andamento said...

Interesting to hear the bird songs, it would sound very exotic round your way to me.

Rattling On said...

The kookaburra recording sounds like someone having a really good belly laugh! And the black swans are beautiful. All of them are. I love birds, though ours are a bit more modest over here!
Thanks for joining in again Lesley, I love the insights into Australia you give. Maybe it's because you've lived different places and can appreciate the differences? Dawn.

Natalie said...

Not a bit cliche for us! These are wonderful... love the kookaburra.

Puppet Lady said...

I too love the sound of the kookaburra - make me want to join in the giggle. Guess it could become less funny over time, though!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Lesley Attenborough, Great one of Mack with the twenty-eights ... very tame and friendly.