Monday, 25 October 2010

All over the shop

I'm in my room drawing all afternoon - love, love, love it.
This morning was a disaster.
I called in at the office first thing to organise something I'd forgotten on Friday.
Found I'd left my mobile at home.
From work I went to see Wayne about some artwork he wants me to do.
I found my mobile right at the bottom of my bag, but also found I'd left my notebook with sketches at work.
From there I went on to see my mate Jane, to talk about the Big Chrissy Stall Fest we are working towards.
From her house we drove to Calico and Ivy so I could pick up some more felt squares and fabric.
Found I'd left my glasses at Jane's.
Got home (finally), got indoors, unloaded all my stuff, went to put on the kettle and found I'd left my glasses, phone and notebook in the car.
I think I may be a hazard; I don't think I'll leave the house for the rest of the day.


Laura Jane said...

Some days it just doesn't pay to even get out of bed, eh?

(hmmm, WV is tersfugh, which I think pretty much describes your day)

Mousy Brown said...

Good excuse to stay in enjoying yourself i'd say! :D

barbara said...

But what a great photo!