Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Flars on my mantelpiece from my best friend Shelley — many thanks!
We are having the most wonderful few days doing a great deal of nothing very much here at Schloss Zed. I've been pottering, did a bit of painting, a bit of sewing, a lot of reading (Wallander on the new Kindle), some walking and some fantastic eating.
There'll be more of the latter today as we're off to my best friend Dace's for lunch to celebrate her son, the lovely Max's, 18th birthday.
:: My Lily has got a job in Japan and leaves at the end of July. She hasn't yet found out where she'll be placed (it's a teaching job through the Japanese government-run JET program), so she has her fingers crossed she will be sent to her first choice, which is Onomichi.
I'm so proud of her — and trying not to think about how far away she'll be! David, Will and I will be planning at least one trip to visit her in 2012.
:: Will is off to the US in June and gets back just a few days before Lily leaves. Everyone's going somewhere all of a sudden ...


Rattling On said...

Happy Easter! Well done Lily, what a fantastic place to be going. (And think of the fabric and pattern opportunities!!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Lily, Sounds like you are having a perfect Easter relaxing and celebrating.

Rattling On said...

Just read your comment at mine! Not a big Royalist myself, but as you say... all that palaver is worth a watch!!

Fairlie said...

Gosh, there *is* lots happening with you lot!

Very exciting for Lily!

How do you find reading on the Kindle? When I got the iPad I imagined I would read on it, but in actual fact, although I use it constantly, I've yet to actually read anything substantial on it. When it came to reading The Portrait of a Lady, I abandonned my e-book version and swapped to an old-school book.