Friday, 1 April 2011

Something to look forward to

Last night, after the news, the ABC Perth weather forecaster told us we'd just endured the hottest March on record.
Then he said: "Well, I know lots of people are getting sick of all these sunny days and clear skies, so I have the news you've all been waiting for.
"There's a chance it will be partly cloudy next Wednesday and Thursday."


Anna said...

i did the same thing. i turned and said "rain?!" but no, never in perth. just some cloud.

Anonymous said...

Clouds, at least there is hope of a drop or two, can't wait for the first downpour. Everyone that visited me today talked of rain . Shelley

Mousy Brown said...

There is a sigh from over here too but for a completely different reason! Enjoy your clouds xx

Frogdancer said...