Monday, 27 February 2012

The reds

I was looking at my fabrics yesterday and came across a piece of something fabulous and red, and told myself to put it away for The Red Quilt.
Then, realising I had been hoarding red fabrics for – my best friend Laura tells me – about eight years, I thought I'd just better drop everything and start making it.
So I did.
It will be a very simple quilt, with four-inch squares, randomly spread. Some of the reds are very loose interpretations of the colour but are in there because I love them.
It has used a sheetload of my hoarded material, which is a very good thing.
It took me forever to cut it all out, remembering where and when I'd got hold of some of the fabrics. Lots are from the US, plenty of others are from friends who have contributed and must be wondering when this wretched quilt will ever appear.

:: The crocheted stones were made from this tutorial, partly to see if I was capable of crocheting anything other than granny squares, but mainly as a gift for Laura, who has always loved them since she saw Canadian artist Margaret Ooomen's amazing collection on her blog.


Laura Jane said...

SO delighted with my stones - thankyou Thankyou THANKYOU :)

And I can't wait to see the progress of The Red Quilt.


Anonymous said...

Lucky Laura! The red quilt is looking great,so good that you have started. Shelley.

Fairlie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you post pics of the red quilt when it's finished. It looks great.