Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I, bag

Made this one yesterday arvo for a friend of my mum's – it's shown off brilliantly here by my svelte house model.
Mum's friend wanted a version of the bags I made for Christmas (see a couple of posts ago) that could take an iPad. So I added a few centimetres to the width and length of the original pattern, and put in another pocket on the front, made the shoulder strap a little wider and more substantial, and hey presto. It also has a mobile phone pocket inside.:: The Perth festival concert we went to last night, Striggio and Tallis: Music in 40 Parts — I Fagiolini at the Perth Concert Hall — was utterly beautiful. It's a rare thing to be able to see and hear a stage full of 60 choristers and musicians singing a Mass written in the 16th century. One of the Striggio pieces, the Agnus Dei, actually had 60 parts. At several points, it was so divinely beautiful that David would grab my hand, or I his, and we'd sit there like stunned mullets as this amazing sound rang and reverbereated around and through us. Lucky us!


jane p said...

Love it! You're a genius.

Jennifer said...

The bag is gorgeous. And I do know what you mean about that overwhelming feeling when you get to watch/hear human beings create such incredible music with their voices -- I find myself at those times (also when watching a symphony) just in utter awe of what we humans can do. There's something so powerful in the experience that's just always different from hearing contemporary music.