Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hot and red

Big Red is taking shape, as you can see from this random display on the floor.
Yesterday, my best friends Laura and Shelley came over and we hunkered down in the sewing room to get cracking on the first stage of assembly: making the four-square blocks. Laura did the selection of what went where and with what, Shelley was on the iron, and I was on the Big Bernina. It was fabulous!
By the end of the day, I had all the four-square blocks stitched and ironed, and I'd made a start on sewing them into 16-square blocks.
Luckily, it's perfect weather for this sort of activity. I mean, what else can you do, really, when it's two weeks into "autumn" and the forecast is 38 (100F) and horrible for today, and 40 (104) and even more horrible tomorrow?
Blinds down, air-con on, quilt.
Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

What else you can do: lie on the couch under an overhead fan, and read all day.
But you have a gorgeous quilt to show for your day. Well done!

Lesley said...

I'll be doing that tomorrow!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

And a day spent with friends, too.
You know how to beat the heat, Lesley!

Laura Jane said...

its looking completely drool-worthy!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic and you have done so much more. The weather does give one a free kick to keep calm and cool.

Rattling On said...

It's not heat that does me, it's humidity... that's my own personal hell, I always feel I'm being suffocated.
Love the quilt and enjoy the aircon!!

andamento said...

It's looking great, I like the colour combinations. I don't like excessive heat either, just as well!