Monday, 21 May 2012


 I started the day with a little chat to this fella, sunning on the succulents I'm growing in pots outside the back door.

Then it was off to La France for petits four avec mes amis ... sitting in my best friend's sunny garden, enjoying the sunshine, a big pot of tea and some book talk, blog talk, garden talk, telly talk and general catch-up chat.
Le Jardin - avec cardie (!
It's very comfortable to be back to my regular working week after a month full-time. I simply don't have time in my life for all that work!
:: I walked through a web a few minutes ago when i went to bring in the washing, and now something has bitten me on the shoulder ... uh-oh. It's a little bit spidery round here for days and days, we had an enormous golden orb weaver spider out on the front verandah, but I've just noticed she's gone. This is what they look like (click).


Anonymous said...

I love it ..avec le cardi... That spider looks very professional. Thanks for the morning tea and the great chat, loved it.


Fairlie said...

Life is at its best when there is time for petits four avec tes amis!