Tuesday, 22 May 2012


When I got home from work today, a box from Japan was sitting on the table.
These are birthday presents from Lily – how well does she know her mum?
I can't believe the rabbit linen. 
And the dragonflies. My mind is already whirring with ideas of things to make. How brilliant.
There was also a stunningly-wrapped roll of exquisite handprinted papers, so perfect, and a pair of these ...
Winter Birkies! Already on my feet - and so warm and comfy.
Thanks, Lily! I love everything. And I love you t-h-i-s much (hands out wide, like we used to!).
:: I'm having great trouble getting the pics exactly as I want them with this new Mr Blogger, which is a bit of a pain. Anyone else finding it difficult? And scrolling to the bottom of the post is impossible, as well. Aaaargh.


Anonymous said...

That rabbit fabric is great, very Mr Smith lining. Winter berkies , what a treat. Happy Happy birthday!

Jennifer said...

I have a big, happy smile on my face, remembering reports of other, equally wonderful boxes from Japan -- just delightful to feel your joy and love for Lily in your post....