Friday, 7 September 2007

Booking through Thursday

This is a book/reading blog which asks a weekly question, to which readers can reply via their own blogs.
This week's question is about whether you need everything to be j-u-s-t so for you to read, or if, in fact, you can read any time, anywhere.

:: For years now, I've read every night in bed. When the kids were little, this was the only real time available to me; eventually it became habit.
The trouble is that now I can no longer separate the two. I cannot read for any length of time without falling sound asleep - unless I'm working on a manuscript.
I will nod off no matter what the book, no matter how riveting the read, and no matter what time of day. It's tragic.

I love reading! I have a big list and small pile of books to be read, and I have the time, these days, to read plenty. So I must fix this - but how?
There's one advantage to it: I can read and fall asleep on a plane - and I do quite a lot of flying, and at least one long-haul trip to and from Australia a year.

:: I cannot read in a car or bus, as I'll get motion sickness. I can't even read a map if the car's moving.

:: I could not bear to read while I'm walking - the book has to be steady!

:: When I am reading, though, the light has to be good, and I cannot stand music in the background, or noise from the TV (I sound so anal saying this!).
This sets me apart from my daughter (19), who can read and even write essays while listening to her iPod, and my multi-tasking brainiac husband, who can read while listening to current affairs on the radio and watching sport on the telly all at the same time.


BooksPlease said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. I nod off too when I'm reading - and not only when I'm in bed.

This is my first visit to your blog and I think it's great. I love your butterflies.

Anonymous said...

I read in bed, too. At night and in the morning, if at all possible. I went through a stage a while back where I would just fall asleep and the words would swim away off the page. I think I was going through an extra tired stage, and know I was mentaly fatigued at the time, and where reading would be my usual escape, the ability to stay awake and read escaped me!

To solve the reading while walking dilemma, I download audio books onto my ipod. Easy way to be absorbed into that wonderful world of words without the nausea :)