Monday, 24 September 2007

Greens are good for you
These are a couple of shots from last week, of the magnificent campus of the University of Washington, in Seattle.
Lily had been here before with her friend, Nick, who brought her to this spot when the big old cherry trees were in bloom and the lawn beneath them was white with petals.

It's an enormous, spreading campus, littered with Victorian-style buildings that, with its city-side location, give some indication of its wealth and prestige, despite its being a 'public' college. I think it has more than 30,000 students.
I so enjoyed the gardens! Greens everywhere: big broad canopies of leaves, grassy open spaces and, in the dappled shade - which I can't get enough of, and yearn for in Southern California - these drifts of Cyclamen coums ...

:: What a wonderful weekend we're having. It started on Friday night with dinner at the Bondi and then the baseball game at Petco Park, between the Padres (our home side) and the Colorado Rockies.
Saturday began with rain, the first here since April, though it feels much longer. Will was off downtown to see the Red Bull Air Race, which will be in Perth next, so David and I spent a quiet morning shopping, walking the dogs, making coffee, reading the paper and generally enjoying ourselves.
In the mid-afternoon we went to the Bondi to meet friends for a beer. It was full of people - Bondi really looks its best on these sunny, relaxed afternoons - I loved it!

And I heard you gasp at the mention of my drinking beer! Yes! It's a treat I have recently discovered. An icy-cold Little Creatures, all the way from North Freo ... yum. Just the one, Captain Peacock ...

:: Off to Hollywood this arvo. We've a 'super-deluxe-swisho-exclusive-king-bed suite' booked at the historic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, and tickets to see Rufus Wainwright doing his acclaimed Judy Garland show at the Hollywood Bowl. I can't wait.
And to think that all those years ago, in the early 1970s, we used to listen to Loudon Wainwright III singing 'Be Careful There's a Baby in the House', all about this little baby boy ...
Tomorrow we'll have a few errands to do in LA and then we see Rufus's sister Martha's show at the much smaller and equally historic Hotel Cafe.
I do so love living in California.