Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Too darned hot
We've been having a long, slow heatwave. With ghastly humidity. But the worst is over now - there's a coolish breeze this arvo and the forecast for the rest of the week is only mid-20s to high 20s, so that's a relief!
And now Lily is back from Australia. We drove up at sparrow's to meet her plane at LAX yesterday morning, which, fortunately, was a holiday (Labor Day), so Dave had the day off. It's so good to have her home. And she bought hundreds of Madura teabags, Kool Mints, Vittoria coffee, Rexona and Cadbury's hazelnut chocolate. Yay!
The two of us have spent the whole day talking and putting the world to rights, with occasional swimming breaks ...

... and a quick sarnie at lunchtime. She has a lot of summer to catch up on before we head north next week for the long drive up to Olympia.

:: Oh, here's my finished tortoiseshell, which was wrapped with the other two butterflies and delivered at Sunday's surprise baby shower party - for which I also made the duck cakes at the top of the page.

:: Dinner's at the Bondi tonight - there's a new dish on the menu, the main components of which are baked mission figs, prosciutto, and goats' cheese. That'll be for me, thank you very much!

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Felicia said...

Your butterfly looks fabulous.