Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Apple wonderJust get a load of this apply perfection.
Straight out of Snow White, aesthetically modified and engineered by Disney.It's a Red Delicious from Washington State, and, surprisingly, it tasted almost as good as it looked. Crisp, juicy and not too sweet. :: We leave the happy confines of Resort Schloss Zed tomorrow and head for a blisteringly, ridiculously hot Phoenix, Arizona, where we're staying two days. Seeing Tom Waits in concert tomorrow night.
I always imagined Phoenix was some small-ish town in the desert, maybe a couple of hundred thousand people, something like that.
So I was stunned to discover it's a city of 4.5 million. And it's only about five hours away from us. I simply cannot wait to see what it's like ...
Then, on Friday, we're off to Las Vegas, where we're seeing the Cirque de Soleil extravaganza, Ka, which is such a mega-production that, unlike all the other four or five C de S shows on in Vegas at the mo, it will never tour.
From Vegas we drive north-west into cooler weather. We're staying at Mammoth Lake in the Sierra Nevada, which in winter is a very popular ski resort. We'll leave Mammoth and drive through Yosemite as we head for San Francisco, to get Will's college admission process on track and look at potential houses.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to post before we get back to San Diego next Thursday, so I'll take lots of pics and see you later!

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