Monday, 2 June 2008

Goodbye to all that!It's Will's very last week at school. This is his last Monday. (Please note the sentimental attachment to Christ Church Grammar School's uniform in the pic above, as Will makes a mid-arvo snack!) Next week is all about graduation, with a school trip to Disneyland, parties, and all that American high school ceremony and pomp and brou-haha turned on and pumped up to the max. Caps and gowns and all that. Gym decorated for grad nite (that's how they spell it - grrr). I'm not at all sad that his school days are nearly over, and I don't think he is either! He's planning to move up to San Francisco (above and below) — and why wouldn't you want to live there if you were his age and wanted to go to art school? Good on him — we're with him all the way. (Muffled sob ...)
:: Monday weigh-in

Another 900 g (1.98 — let's call it 2 lbs) gone! That makes a total loss of 2.9 kg (6.4 lb), which is getting towards half a stone. Already, I have a whole heap of clothes that fit me again! Woo-hoo!


Natalie said...

Dining on celery sticks as I read this (you are such a good force in my life.)
Americans and high school hoopla give me culture shock and I'm from here! lol
I hear your muffled sob, but it sounds as though you have done a very good job. Congratulations.

M said...

San Francisco, to art school. Sounds like a dream doesn't it. I bet that option wasn't on Will's dream list when he was at CCGS (which btw is my brothers' old school too).

Anonymous said...

A very exciting time of their lives. It should make you so proud (and kind of sad too)

alice said...

Congrats on the loss. You are doing well. Last day od school? Oh my. Hard to get my head around that one already.

James said...

Good on him :) Props should be given to you and Dave as well ;)

Will was telling me a few weeks ago about moving up to San Fransisco. If I can squeeze it in between work and finishing my commercial license I'm going to try to get up to visit him ~half way through next year.