Friday, 6 June 2008

Big mentionWill has been given a half-page photo in his year book! And with a wonderful caption, too — he's so excited, and pleased as punch. He's amused that they reversed the photo, making him left-handed, but that doesn't diminish his delight at all.
The year book is an amazing production — over 400 pages, hard cover, big quarto format with thousands of photographs and illustrations. Will says the year book committee — all students — has been working on it all year. I believe it. It's an amazing achievement. And though Will's been to Canyon Crest Academy only two years, he's really loved every minute of it.
What is so big for this school is that it's new, and puts a great deal of emphasis on technology and the arts, with not just the visual arts but performance, dance and music as well. They've made a big point of opting out of the big 'football and cheerleader' system that a lot of the big wealthy schools get involved in.
Will's senior class was its first intake of freshmen in 2005. So they'll be CCA's first graduates. The year book alludes to this with its theme of 'We're all here now!'


M said...

What an amazing production! And to think if he was at CCGS he'd get a floppy magazine-style booklet.

Fairlie said...

Sounds like a great school. And how hilarious to reverse the photo to make him left-handed! You know, generations to come will ponder this volume and wonder if their great-great-grandfather was actually left-handed or ambidextrous. Just goes to show how historical evidence is never to be trusted!

alice said...

Wow, congratulations to you both, sounds like you are both pleased as punch!

Anonymous said...

His painting looks detailed and intricate.

Natalie said...

I've heard good things about CCA, and the endorsement from your family makes it all the more intriguing.